Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Lunchtime - a Parker perenial


A little scene on Selly Oak. Two workers in the wood yard enjoy a bite of snap sat on a stack. 

The greaseproof paper is a tiny square of Rizla paper, the sandwiches bit of microstrip and the flask a short length of microrod. 

It occured to me that this isn't my first attempt at a model lunch. 

My first was on Melbridge Dock, and the materials haven't changed in decades. This isn't the first man sat there though, the original was lost as a show and had to be hurriedly replaced. He's feeding the ducks in the bay, so there are bits of sandwich in the water. 

There's no time for lunch while building the Hellingly Hospital railway, but we still have someone sat on a cable reel drinking a cup of tea. 

People grabbing a bite make a great little cameo scene - there wouldn't be much movement, unless you fancy building animated jaws of course!


James Finister said...

Shouldn't they be reading a red top at the same time?

Phil Parker said...

Good point! I need to make a miniature Brummie News.

James Finister said...

Now make it the Sports Argus "Pink" and you could tie the scene down to about an hour on a Saturday evening

Phil Parker said...

Love it!

People forget how common pink sports papers were. I ought to suggest ModelU scan some people carrying them.

James Finister said...

When we owned newsagents in Birmingham people would be queuing out the door waiting for the pink to arrive. Thinking about it a Birmingham Post & Mail newspaper van is another of those vehicles that would give it an instant sense of place and time (always with the cab doors open)