Friday, January 08, 2021

The Airfix Beach Buggy is back!


Excellent news from Airfix - the 1/32nd scale Beach Buggy is back, and should be in stock early in the year. 

Young Phil built one of these many years ago, complete with orange bodywork. It wasn't great, and like most plastic kits, gradually deteriorated until it was thrown away. I've always fancied building another, but the prices for unbuilt kits were truly terrifying. 

You might remember, I had a go at the Revell kit a couple of years ago. It was OK, but (and it might be rose tinted specs doing this) I remember the Airfix version being made of proper, hard plastic and just a much better model. It also enjoyed a bikini-clad figure as part of the kit, which can't be a bad thing. 

So, I'm a happy bunny and plan to get the glue and orange paint out as soon as my kit arrives.  

I wonder if they can find the moulds for the Bond Bug next?

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Graham Powney said...

Hello phill
Like you I built one of these kits and painted it orange, back during quiet times whilst working in a models shop in Bristol around 1979 but unlike you I put the body on a scalextrix mini chassis,where I found out the windscreen was fragile in rollovers due to excess speed on bends. Blue tack blobs to the rescue,
The other difference is I still have it even though I have no other scalextrix