Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Film Club: William Towns designed cars that were ahead of their time.

William Towns was the designer responsible for, among other things, the Aston Martin Lagonda. A car so futuristic, that quite a bit of the amazing technology didn't work when new, and still terrifies car restorers today. 

He was very much ahead of his time. The video shows The Hustler, complete with removable fibreglass body panels so you can "repaint" your car by changing them over. Just like a Smart car today. 

There's also MicroDot - a hybrid powered by batteries but including a tiny engine to charge these up. BMW made some swoopy sports car a few years ago that worked like this, but the MicroDot featured working indicators too.

This film of the MicroDot in action intrigues me. I'm sure it's filmed near Leamington, but I can't work out where. Some of the buildings look familiar, even 40 years after the film was made.


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that it didn't have any rear window glass. Presumably to stop reflections in filming.

Back in my Kit Car days William Towns cars were always regarded as something special although I don't ever remember seeing one on the road.

Michael Campbell said...

I think BMW nicked the idea for the i3 range extender, though they didn't put a wheeled BBQ under the rear.

James Finister said...

Did you spot the Corgi model of his Minissima on his desk?

He lived at Stretton-on-Fosse.