Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Hunslet shunter

Hunslet Dock Shunter

Since I've been too busy to do any actual modelling for the last few weeks, and I really need to reacquaint myself with my Olympus PL1, I've dug some old models out of the cabinet to post here. 

First up, is the Silver Fox Models CLASS D1/1 Hunslet 0-4-0 Dock shunter. 

An attractive prototype, owing a loot of its design cues to the same firms 05 Shunter, it was high on my list to build the moment I spotted photos on the OPC published shunters book (the really old one) and realised it would be perfect for Melbridge Dock.

Hunslet Dock Shunter

I eventually constructed the resin-body kit for Hornby Magazine in 2011ish and it re-appeared on the  Parker's Guide bookazine. Running on a Tenshodo SPUD, it's pretty much built as supplied. A bit of extra wire for the handrails and electrical conduits, but the model shows how good, and easy to build, a resin kit is.

 Hunslet Dock Shunter 

The biggest change I made was to drop the model down a couple of mm to bring the skirts and cowcatcher nearer the rails, but as this is just making a hole in the rectangle of Plastikard the motor bogie its on, not too difficult.


Chris Ford said...

I was only pondering yesterday if these were still available.

matt scrutton said...

I've just ordered one!

Phil Parker said...

Matt - How about writing a guest post review when you build it?

James Finister said...

I must admit I've been thinking that one would go well on Grundy's Yard. Now if only I could find my copy of Parkers Guide.

matt scrutton said...

That can be done!