Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Mock half-timber

There is a trend near where I live, for old bungalows to be bought, largely knocked down, and then turned into much bigger houses. Sadly, I suspect this one is due to be on the receiving end of the same treatment. 

That's a shame as I suspect it's quite old. The left hand end wall is brick with painted on "woodwork". The rest it rendered, so I assume is the same. 

I'm not quite sure why anyone would add the mock Tudor decoration to a house like this. It's seems a little dishonest, but then people did that sort of thing years ago. I'm sure this dates back as far as I remember, so several decades. Presumably, it was built this way. 

I know it has little architectural merit, but I'll still be sorry to see it go.


Woody said...

Hello Phil,

Interesting bungalow and as my mind works in unusual ways(!!!) when I first looked at it it reminded me of the Airfix bungalow meets the Airfix pub kit!
However on a more serious note it does seem the practice these days to condemned as being from the 50s or 60s and knock down. It will reach the stage when some of these buildings may get listed as the numbers diminish. Good job modellers are here to record in model form some of that architecture.


matt scrutton said...

Its endemic where I live too. People buy the bungalows over the road. Gut them. Redo them, sell them on and the buyers do it again.

James Finister said...

Woody, around where Phil lives, and I used to, the tendency is also often to build two or more properties on what was once a spacious garden.

One of the silly things I miss, because they weren't that great in reality, is the old "Roadhouse" style pub from the days when people would motor out somewhere for drinks and food. Very few left as they once were.

Phil Parker said...

Of course, there is such a pub a few feet from the house in the post:

But even along that road there are a few houses squeezed onto previously nice gardens.

James Finister said...

Phil, Many years ago I was involved in the demolition of a miniature railway in a garden in the New Forest. they built an entire estate on it!

Quite of few of the roadhouses still exist as buildings and chain pubs, but they are no longer the haunt of the lounge lizard sales director and his fur coated mistress, with his Rover parked outside. Oh the faux glamour!

Michael Campbell said...

Make a model of that bungalow and wait to be told how wrong it is!