Thursday, March 25, 2021

Roll on the April issue of BRM

 Something both different and traditional in the latest issue of BRM.

Different in that I've not built anything 7mm scale for a while, and traditional in that's it's a whitemetal kit. That lead-alloy stuff that new modellers won't have handled much, if at all.

Because of this, I've tried to provide pointers and techniques with more general application than a blow-by-blow account of building the model. I like traction engines and road rollers anyway, as do many other railway enthusiasts I suspect.

Over in the review section, I get my hands on painted examples of the Hattons Genesis coaches. I'm no coach expert, but since these are generic, that's not really an issue. They are very much the sort of thing that a small layout builder like me can use. Handy, as the issue also has a small layout theme with some superb examples. 

Finally, on BRM TV, I'm looking at different scales to provide an overview for beginners, or those who fancy some bigger or smaller modelling for a change. 

More details over on RMweb for the April 2021 issue.

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