Saturday, March 13, 2021

Saturday Film Club: 1978 SEAB Flipper


 I do love a weird car, and if it's a microcar, so much the better.This odd beast ticks all the boxes, with the bonus of a very ingenious drive system that removes the need for a reverse gear!

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Anonymous said...

1978 was very late for a minicar.

I always liked the minicars and owned a 1950's Mk D Bond Microcar. The Bond Minicar had steering that rotated at least 180 degrees and Villiers had the Siba Dynastart where you stopped the motor and then started it in the reverse direction to reverse the car. This of course meant that you had all gears and the massive performance available in reverse.

The 180 degree steering always astonished bystanders.

As a kid after watching an episode of the Avengers where Emma Peel drove John Steed in a Messerschmitt Convertible I wanted one of those but never had one.