Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Sentinel 0-4-0VBT

Sentinel post war 100HP 0-4-0VBT 

Back in 2014, I built this RT Models 100HP Sentinel for BRM. 

It's a nice kit that comes complete with a bespoke motorising unit for slow running and all-wheel drive. Using a SPUD is all very well, but they need a lot of weight piled on top of them for slow running.

Sentinel post war 100HP 0-4-0VBT 

This is, to my eyes, a handsome beast. I recall Impetus kits producing one, complete with an impressive  resin body, but by the time I could afford the price, the range had disappeared into one of those black holes from whence models never escape again. 

Etched in nickel-silver, the RT Models version is an excellent replacement. I remember some of the bits were so small they didn't survive the etching process, but that also meant that they were so small I didn't miss them on the model.

 Sentinel post war 100HP 0-4-0VBT


James H said...

I’d say that’s amongst the best I’ve seen here Phil, a wonderful build and very neat weathering. Awesome!

Phil Parker said...

Thanks - I'm very pleased with it.