Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Rocket waggons in the Hornby Collectors Club magazine


No, not wagons with rockets on them. Not even a train for the Battlespace Turbo car, but loads for the waggons (note the extra g) sold to compliment the Hornby Stephenson's "Rocket". 

The pack of three flats is interesting and took a little digging to work out exactly what should be on the back of them.

Contemporary illustrations are pretty much useless as artists seemed to have no concept of drawing what they saw - the results are almost cartoons that bear no relation to reality. 

Not to worry, I found a historian who could explain, and then went away to build the models. 

I think the results look the part and aren't particularly difficult to make. There's even a model boat used for added variety. 

Hornby Collectors Club. 


matt scrutton said...

According to an author friend of mine who has chronicled the L&MR history they never really existed, its just Hornby being clever with the tooling.

Phil Parker said...

Possibly the same person who said it to me. It's not a bad idea to get extra mileage out of the existing tooling. They are a business after all!