Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Film club: The Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Branch Railway


A really nice video covering the FT&OCR putting it in the context of the Festival of Britain. For those interested in the wider subject beyond the railway will enjoy the footage showing the sites now. 

There's some decent production values here, with a good script and some research. It's the right length too - so many YouTube films go on too long for their material, but this doesn't overstay its welcome.


John Fletcher said...

Thanks Phil, my dad had very fond memories of this line, and his recollections always made me wistful that I never got to see it. I'd no idea when I was in Saltburn last year that I was looking at the chassis of one of these iconic locos.

Nick Brad said...

I never realised that the contents of Mr Pott's workshop were in fact Emmett creations. What a cool piece of trivia.