Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pink chassis cleaning


It seems that Shiny Sinks, my favoured cleaner for post-soldering sessions on etched locomotive kits is no more. Maybe my annual purchase of a bottle wasn't enough to keep the company afloat or something. Whatever, I need an alternative. 

Cue, much rummaging around in the cupboard under the kitchen sink to see what could be found. I'm sure that most people have far more cleaners than really required, unless you are one of those annoyingly smug people who use vinegar for everything and tell us it's a miracle that we don't know about. 

Anyway, nothing really seemed to work. Not stainless steel cleaner, Cillit Bang (Bang and the flux is still there!) but then I gave The Pink Stuff a go. And it worked. 

I've no idea what is in this bubblegum coloured paste, but apply, leave for a minute and then scrub away with the old toothbrush and it works. This is annoying as anything that describes itself as "The Miracle Cleaning Paste" or looks like something you buy from one of those market stalls where the vendor uses a microphone to keep up some running patter, should be rubbish. 

It should also be expensive, and this stuff is a quid a pot. Bargain. And Vegans can eat it too, what more do you want?


Woz said...

G'day Phil,

Welcome back to splodging & bodging.

In your experience does vinegar work or not for removing flux ?

Speaking of flux, I'm surprised you haven't fitted a Flux Capacitor to your Beetle haa hhaaa.

Cheers Woz
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Duncan Young said...

Barman’s friend is effective

Phil Parker said...

Duncan - I'm tempted to say "The Barman's friend might be effective, but what does he use to clean the chassis?" :-)

Woz - Never tried vinegar on chassis, only chips. And not the DCC sort.

Paul B. said...

Cif and a toothbrush works for me.