Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Scratchbuilt van

Hellingly siding

This photo contains both one of the first, and (if I remember correctly) one of the last items of rolling stock I built for Hellingly. 

Furthest from the camera is a whitemetal kit from 51L. Lovely crisp moulding that show metal kits aren't all lumpen things. Pedants may wonder how a Hull & Barnsley wagon has found it's way so far south of course. 

The LSWR van is scratchbuilt from plastic sheet and strip sometime in the 1990s - one of the few complete scatchbuilt vehicles I've made. The prototype was picked for east of construction rather than it being useful for the layout. I think this came along afterwards. 

Running gears is probably Kenline, because I built up stocks of the stuff at bargain prices, and still have them. Well, bits like that might come in useful one day. 

Power comes from a High Level Models Black Hawthorn - the first of their kits I'd built and one that impressed me. There's a lot of components, and you do need to pay attention, but the result with its 108:1 gearbox, is a slow running model, perfect for a short layout.

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Duncan Young said...

Don't worry about H&B wagons travelling far. Although Common User was not quite in force, it was creeping in and the H&B would be grateful for any 'brass' from usage or demurrage. And it IS a nice model!