Monday, October 04, 2021

Selly Oak goes to work

Selly Oak has appeared in public for the first time in a Rapido advert for their Leyland Fleetline

Nice to see it doing it's job and really nice to see the new bus in position. There's a definite whiff of 70s nostalgia for those of us at a certain age. I know I've travelled on one many times!


Huw Griffiths said...

This diorama certainly appears to do what was wanted of it.

Interesting to note how the photographer has actually used a small part of the diorama for the shot - whilst giving the appearance of a much larger area.

As for the buses, I wonder if, in due course, we might also see a WM Bristol VR with essentially the same bodywork. (The only reason I know about these is that some secondhand examples found their way to Cwmbran - and the local bus routes that passed my house.)

However, none of this should detract from either the Rapido models or the diorama they're displayed on - they look good.

Also, the scene could effectively pass for other areas in the UK - which could be very useful if Rapido were to offer these models reliveried to represent vehicles sold on to other operators.

(Of course, I'm not saying that they will - or even should - but that option would be open to them.)

Woody said...

Hello Phil,

I glanced at the photo initially thinking it was a posting by you about a real bus in the photo! Great modelling by you even though I know from your various posts that at the time of building it felt more like a trial. However that trial has proved itself - you are guilty of superb modelling!