Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Whirling cranks

I hate this bit. Flycranksare a pain in model form. Part of me wondered about chopping the conrods short and leaving them off - but I'll try to do it properly. 

The cranks were fitted, with a spacer washer behind each one, ad the overlong axle marked for cutting. Once the right length and slightly chamfered on the end, it was fitted through he crank. This was a loose fit on the axe. Only by a fraction of a mm, but not a press-on job like the other then. 

Then the rods went on and I hoped these would handle the quartering. 

Plenty of non-corrosive flux on the end of the axle, followed by a smear of solder and the thing is in place. Turning the motor by hand suggested things were OK, so it was time for power. 


Not too bad. There's a lot of slop in the system, but let's see what happens with the retaining washer are fitted to the crank pins. Maybe we'll have a working chassis. 

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