Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Waste not, want not

VW Van toy

From the same event that brought me yesterdays starter switch, a radio control toy VW van. I quite like the shape. Not quite right at the front, but not bad for a toy. I only paid a few quid for it. 

Of course, I get it back home, put some batteries in, the lights come on, but nothing moves. Booo. 

A quick look inside and I spot a couple of loose wires. The both appear to come from the same place, I so I resolder them. No good, so one is replaced. Still no good. A bit of poking doesn't show any obvious dry joints. 

So, it looks like money wasted. Oh well, no crying over spit milk. 

Instead, I'll get a couple of useful on/off slide switches, several LEDs and a motor and gearbox that could well power a garden railway loco. The front steering unit looks interesting too and I'm wondering if it could be used to operate an animation on a model railway. At the very least, the motor will be worth saving. 

Even though I'm disapointed not to be cruising around the floor with this (yes, I'm a big kid) I reckon I can salvage enough bits to just about cover my loss. I just need to file them where I can find them again as required. That's the difference between salvage, and hoarding. 

Mind you, put some rail wheels on and I could have a 32mm gauge DB Inspection railcar....


Richard said...

"Mind you, put some rail wheels on and I could have a 32mm gauge DB Inspection railcar...."

Not the same as making your own I know, but a working model in HO Scale is available to purchase:



Phil Parker said...

I have got a G1 version, and am eyeing up a 009 kit...