Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boiler progress

Boiler progress
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I actually had to read the instructions for this bit !

The boiler arrives as two bits of tube and a wrapper. Sadly, and the reason I had to read stuff, the shorter one isn't shown on the diagram.

Anyway, this is is how it works:

  • Take the shorter tube and slit it along the length with a fine saw.

  • Slide this over the other tube and wonder why you weren't given telescopic bits instead. Tack solder this in place - lots of heat required.

  • Fit the smokebox saddle towards the front of the boiler.

  • Tack the wrapper from the bottom of the saddle and wrap it around the boiler, tacking it at the other end.

  • If all is well* and everything is square, run lots of solder around the back edge and front. Plenty of flux and heat from the pencil gas torch required for this bit. Burnt fingers too !

  • Get the fibreglass stick out and start burnishing all the excess solder away. Obviously as an expert, I didn't have much of this...

If all is well, make up the front angled plate. I don't think it is on the etch so I used a bit of scrap, making sure the smokebox door will fit with it in place.

*If all isn't well, hold it over the gas hob to release the solder joints.

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