Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uckfield Model Railway Exhibition 2009

Hellingly Hospital crossingBefore writing this post I thought I'd re-read last years entry on the show. When I did I realised that I'd pretty much need to say the same thing again this year.

First up, the quality of the show was excellent. Not just good, but really excellent. The layouts were great and so was the trade, some of my expenses were quickly exchanged for a diesel railcar kit that I couldn't resist and New Eileen helpfully lightened my wallet too.

The crowds were pretty good and they stayed all day. Saturday morning was packed as expected but even Sunday afternoon was well attended. I understand that the treasurer is happy, or at least as happy as treasurers ever are ! Things were very chatty, which was to be expected since we had a prototype 10 miles away from the show. Several people knew the line very well and I've been offered more information on the line. We were both pretty hoarse by the end which can only mean we've had a good time.

Our accommodation was different from last year but very nice. A huge comfortable room with en-suite was accompanied by a fulsome breakfast. If I'm being picky, the bacon was a bit pale for my taste on Saturday but Sunday saw this swapped it for an extra sausage making for a satisfied full tum.

We were looked after extremely well. Tea was delivered every 7.5 minutes on Saturday (slightly less on Sunday but we still drank a gallon each) to the layout. I loved the lunch which featured the best banoffee pie I've ever eaten. Not being a fan of lasagna (his loss), my Dad made other arrangements on Sunday and on noticing that the ticket hadn't been used, someone took the time to check all was OK (it was) which just shows superb attention to detail and care.

Saturday 's social was good fun. The venue was more spacious than last year and the food and company were excellent. The quiz, still being written at 1am that morning apparently, was good fun too. The picture round of identifying famous places from Google Earth shots was very clever. Eurodisney completely fooled us all.

Basically, it was good. If you get the chance to visit, do so. If you are really lucky and get the chance to exhibit, jump at it.

A slightly patchy set of photos of the show, with comments.

Michael's Blog which tells you more about the layouts.

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Chris Ford said...

Never a bad show. Even, as with this weekend, I've had little sleep I manage to get along.