Thursday, October 22, 2009

Box of fire

Bulldog with firebox
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker
This bit of the Bulldog locomotive is fun. The firebox comes out of the fret as a single fold up item. Sadly it's the first example of poor design I've found in the kit - in my opinion anyway.

The idea is that you fold the front and back down, then bend the sides around these. The problem is that the front and back don't sit properly in so that the sides hit the edge of the etch. Instead they are half way there.

With care you can just about tack the metal bits together but it would probably be a better idea for those not confident of their abilities to remove the front and back and then tack them into position under the firebox top. This then acts properly as a wrapper and runs around the edge.

Having said this, it can be done as supplied - I did it and the results sit very nicely on the footplate with the cab. These parts aren't fixed in place and yet the fit is pretty good already, a sign of an overall good kit.

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