Thursday, February 08, 2018

DB Models, Bourne

Considering that Bourne and its surrounding area are home to 3 of the 4 main model railway magazines in the UK, it's amazing that there has been a dearth of model shops until very recently. Desperate builders for magazine projects need somewhere to go, and the chances of some useful publicity must be higher there than anywhere else.

Anyway, DB Models are making the move from an eBay only store selling second hand to a proper shop in an industrial unit selling new products.

Although still setting up during my visit, there were all the usual paints and glues you'd expect, soon to be joined by Railmatch and Precision ranges. All the RTR manufacturers are stocked as well as the Peco range. It's a good sizedshop with lots of very browsable products. 

There will be second hand too, and a nice new shiny website. For the moment though head to the eBay store.

I know I'll be making a few detours on my way back from the office in future...

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