Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Film Club: Railbuses on the Kent & East Sussex

File this one firmly in the "Films I didn't think existed" drawer. 

A silent Pathe news film showing the Ford railcars running on the Kent & East Sussex Railway. Hardly any photos of these things exist so moving film is a real bonus. 

Looking at the lineside shows just how exposed it was. Nowadays we have far more trees and undergrowth around the lines. There's a brief shot at the end of a station (Robertsbridge) looking pretty tidy. Mind you, since the line provided a steam loco for the camera to film the railcars, I suspect there may have been some tidying up for publicity purposes. 


Paul B. said...

Nice find.
40mph! Well above the speed restrictions of a light railway, and I'm sure it would have been an interesting experience at that speed!!

Unknown said...

Certainly an interesting find.