Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Back to some wiggly tin

Tin garage 1

Back in 2015, I looked at a corrugated iron garage disappearing under a tree. The tantalising view each time I passed by made me want to know more.

Well, now I can. A couple of months ago, the undergrowth was hacked away and the building now stands proud. The trouble is, it's a great view, but normally impossible to photograph.

Unless you go early when there is so little traffic you can pull up and nip out for a couple of quick snaps. I didn't even bother to aim properly, hoping I could crop down enough for a decent picture.

Tin garage 2

The results, thanks to some Photoshop work on the shadows, look OK. 

I suspect the garage belongs to the house on the other side of the road. In fact, there appears to be an allotment or even smallholding of some kind under all the trees. Why they have gone we will doubtless find out eventually, but for the moment, the buildings can enjoy their days in the sun again. 

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