Tuesday, February 27, 2018

So, I alone in all the world can create the finest orange at will?

Reading the instructions, one point jumped out at me. Rather than specify a body colour, the modeller is told to mix equal parts of green and metalic gold.

Hmmm. Well, you are supposed to use Revell acrylic paints for this and around here they are slightly less common than rocking horse poo, but I couldn't see why enamel wouldn't work.

And you are supposed to use the finest green, and I had decided to use orange.

No worries, I mixed gloss orange and gold then blasted the model using my airbrush. Amazingly, it worked!

OK, the first go was a bit too gold. Adding more orange tilted the balance the other way. A bit more gold and finally I was happy. It's now gloss orange but definitely not just gloss orange, there is a different shine.

I can't imaging why I'll ever want to us this on a railway project, but it's a technique for a future racing boat I'm sure.

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