Monday, February 19, 2018

You bought what?

This being the Interweb, the law seems to be that once you've been to a model railway show, the contents of your shopping bag must be posted for all to see and covet.

Well, here's my stash from Doncaster.
  • 1/32nd Hawk T.Mk1 vac-formed aeroplane kit (Fascinating and worth a quid to have a poke around in the bag. Might end up on eBay eventually)
  • 1/400 Mississippi "Southern Belle" boat kit from Glencoe Models (I'm going to build this, it looked fun and won't take up much space. Fitting radio gear will be difficult)
  • Jack plugs and sockets (50p each? Bargain!)
  • Zero 1 conductive paint (Handy and cheap for both Command Control programming and repairing heater elements in car rear windscreens)

So, no trains then. Must try harder.

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