Thursday, February 01, 2018

Meeting a hero in the Vintage BRM

March 2018 sees a BRM with a vintage feel. Spotting a couple of Dave Rowe's early layouts at the GCR show started us off on trail of the man himself, which lead to bringing together some of the finest models from the past.

My contribution is a retrospective covering Dave and Shirley's modelling career trying to take in all the layouts they built as well as a few funny stories along the way. With such a body of work, it was difficult to fit everything in to the allotted, and generous, space available.

Meeting the pair for a chat and to look at some of the automata Dave has built over the years, was a pleasure. It's always difficult as you could be horribly disappointed, but Andy and I enjoyed a day with one of the most enthusiastic people I've met. Model making keeps you young!

Didsbury Green goes green this month with loads of electrostatic grass and some trees appearing on the layout. I like this stage, it's when the layout really comes to life, and you get to soften the edges on some of the bodges along the way.

DVD watchers will find Andy and I finishing our trip to Pendon with a look at the Madder Valley Railway and discussion on planning a scene to make it interesting to a viewer.

Digital magazine readers get even more this time - I take you around the Bachmann trade day, one of those events you can't normally visit. There are products to look and an interviews to watch.

Talking over interviews, I have a look at Triang TT, spending the entire time calling my interviewee "Bob" because I mixed him up with someone else. Our electronic version of the mag is growing and if you are unsure whether it's worth a go, this is the issue to download to find out and it's not just me you find in there.

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Nick Brad said...

Has the pricing structure changed on the digital edition? One of the selling points used to be that it was cheaper than the paper version due to cost savings on print etc, but when I followed the link as I was considering buying the digital version for the first time, I find it's £4.99, where as a physical copy, (which I prefer as I can read it anywhere and store for reuse at a later date,) is cheaper at £4.75.

Whilst I am writing, on a completely different subject, here is a video I thought you might enjoy on Rail Mail, I certainly did.

Phil Parker said...

Nick - I hadn't noticed this but have checked.It's because the digital edition contains more material than the print version. The subs packages on offer are much cheaper than print too. Hope this helps.

citehslacker said...

Looking forward to reading the Rowe retrospective! Back in the dim and distant part, when I was an enthusiastic youth, Dave let me "behind the curtain" of Leighton Buzzard (at a York exhibition) to see how the canal locks, with real water, and various conveyors, etc, worked.

A kind gesture that I've never forgotten, and which really spurred me on to do more.