Thursday, September 06, 2018

Getting the Club 500 back on the water, sort of.

For no apparent reason, there have been a few Club 500 boats appearing at our weekly sailing sessions - prompting me to extract mine from storage for a bit of a run. I always liked the 500, it's a good looking boat and fun to sail. Speedy and offering a bit of a challenge, but able to work on our limited water.

First problem, the radio is 26mHz and I can't find a transmitter. Pity, I fancied having a go at the frequency peg thing again. Still, swapping the receiver for a 4.2 version solved that.

Inside, the motor was a bit rusty, but with a charged battery it turned over. On the water, the charge lasted for about 30 seconds but proved everything worked.

The NiMH batteries enjoyed a few hours on a charge>dischage cycle and this brought a bit of life into them, but still not very much. Anyone any suggestions before I buy more?

The last run produced more of a problem. The motor should be held down with elastic bands, but these have long since perished. I didn't worry as the rusty casing seemed to be working. Until it wasn't. Then the motor spun itself up the power wires and dismantled the coupling. Not a fun noise, but it looks easily fixable. Then I can go back to sailing. 

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