Friday, September 14, 2018

Micromodels trains

While at the Brighton museum, I picked up a plastic pot, from a Chinese takeaway I think, full of slightly battered Micromodel trains.

I think editor Andy thought I was mad to hand over 3 quid for this, but they were interesting enough for me to want a proper look and we were tight for time.

Back home I unpacked them and took some photos. For those not familiar with these kits, they are made of card and tiny - hence the "Micro". That's a UK 50p piece behind them to give you an idea of scale.
The models are a bit battered, presumably considered not good enough for display where there are some beautifully made examples. I can't restore them, it's not worth it as you can often still get hold of the cards and building a new example would be easier. Not that working on such tiny rolling stock can be considered easy!
A nice find though. No idea what to do with them next, but I'm glad I bought myself the chance for a proper look.

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