Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Hobbyrail, Sutton Coldfield

I love an indoor market and so while wandering the streets of Sutton Coldfield, I was pleased to spot a sign for their local emporium.

Among the stalls selling pet products, mobile phones and wigs, I found Hobbyrail. To be honest, as the side of the unit is done up like a Pullman coach, it's difficult to miss!

The spacious shop isn't stuffed with stock, but there is certainly variety. For a start, there are the basic materials we all need including a nice full Humbrol paint rack. The Peco catalogue is well represented with both parent company and Ratio kits plus some Wills products to be found.

Despite not being on site very long, there are some oddball products dotted around and the reason for that must be that this iteration of Hobbyrail replaces a shop I visited in 2011. I'd guess much of the stock has made it to these more central and larger premises. 

I stocked up on paint and managed to resist a few other goodies, but have to commend the owners for the move. As I recall, the old place was a bit out in the sticks, but this is a town-centre location. Looking on-line, there are many positive reviews too, a good sign. The staff were busy helping someone with some wiring problems while I was there. Let's hope this translates into plenty of regular custom. 

A final touch, the cafe in the next unit does a very nice baked potato followed by apple pie and cream. Just the place for lunch!

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