Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Why would I want a large scale wagon?

I know what you are thinking as you read myGVT wagon build. "That's all very nice Phil, but I don't model in the larger scales, so it's not relevant to me."

Well, you are wrong.

Above is a laser-cut wooden wagon we are giving away as a subscription gift for new Garden Rail subs. 

It's knocking around my desk so I've pressed it into service as a box to hold bits of another kit I'm working on. Big enough to hold everything and open-topped so I can just chick the sprues back in once I've removed the relevant part. So far I've not managed to lose anything. It's very handy.

So, you do need a large scale wagon!


Duncan Young said...

How many scales do you model?

Chris Ford said...

That might nudge me into a sub.

Spitfire2865 said...

Large scales are so much more fun. Everyone should try at least one wagon. They make great display pieces even if you never get to "use" it.

Phil Parker said...

Duncan - Loads. 2mm to 16mm but it'd be up for a bit of 7/8th one day. Even before it was my job, I was always happy to try different scales, I think it helps keep interest in the hobby.

Ribbon Art and Photography said...

Will the offer with this for the subscription be available at the Yorkshire garden railway show in a couple of weeks please (assuming the mag has a presence there)?

Phil Parker said...

Sorry - Although I'll be visiting, probably on the Sunday, the magazine doesn't take a stand at shows other than the Peterborough 16mm AGM. It simply costs too much to staff a stand for the two days. The offer is available mail order though. Look out for details in the magazine including a build in the October issue.