Sunday, September 23, 2018

TINGS 2018

Langston Bridge

The International N Gauge Show (TINGS) can be a bit of a mixed bag. Some years, I don't find anything particularly inspiring, but I'm pleased to say that this year was very different. It seems that all the high-quality RTR in the scale is starting to feed through to exhibition layouts. Where, in the past, I've left feeling there wasn't anything to impress, by the time I was scoffing ice cream outside the hall, I had seen 4-5 models that I really liked.

Top of the list has to be Langston Bridge. Not an exciting layout operationally, it's an oval with two trains following each other, the scenery is simply a long bridge over some water. The bridge is beautifully modelled. The water is simple and the backscene plain blue. Despite this, the model really got me. It's one of those where the work may look simple enough, but I suspect it isn't All the bridge supports have to be the same and neatly done. Not that easy considering how many there are.

Burshaw North Western

Burshaw North Western exhibited a wide variety of interesting diesel. They had gone way beyond simply buying RTR and built kits for variety. I like early diesel locomotives so it appealed to me on that basis alone. 

Obviously, most of my time was spent chatting to the trade and taking photos and again, there are some really nice potential projects out there. But those will have to wait for a magazine...

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