Thursday, September 27, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Percy shunting

Percy shunts Melbridge Dock

Looking back through some old photos this week, I found this one of my upgraded Hornby Percy shunting Melbridge Dock.

The loco has a Branchlines 2-stage gearbox, Mashima motor, Romford wheels, Gibson crossheads and runs as well as anything I've ever built. It really can shunt. 

To be honest, had the Bachmann version been available as a grey import at the time, I'd probably not have bothered, but then it was a fun project and that's what it's about isn't it?


matt scrutton said...

Yours is probably better anyway!

the fatadder said...

Hi Phil

I don’t suppose you could show a photo of the underside / guts of the loco please?
I have a Thomas and Percy sat at the back of my fiddleyard needing a repower and rewheel to get it to run through my hand built OO points.

Phil Parker said...

I'll try to dig it out. The photo won't help much though as I used the original chassis. Romford bushes were fitted in the slightly opened out axle holes and then Romford wheels used.