Monday, September 24, 2018

Painting the GVT wagon

After a coat of grey primer to provide a nice base colour, I've painted the GVT wagon with the lighter base colours from a Lifecolor "Weathered Wood" set. For variety, a "replacement" plank uses the mid-colour.

Ironwork is Revell Anthracite Grey, quickly becoming my favourite colour enamel.

I'm not great at simulating unpainted wood, so this is all a bit experimental. Once the base colours are on, I've dry-brushed everything with the palest colour, an nice pale grey/cream to blend it all together. The replacement plank gets a bit more cream too as I felt it stood out too much.

A little rust on the ironwork and I'm calling this finished for now. It's been a fund and quick project that will, I suspect, be followed by a few more of these kits. They will make a good-looking and modestly priced train.

Of course I don't actually have anywhere to run this stuff year. A New Year Resolution is to build a 32mm gauge line...

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