Monday, April 08, 2019

Little red locomotive


To haul the coaches, I needed to finish the locomotive. It's a pretty simple beast so a coat of red with black detailing seemed enough. 

Some lining adds interest, but attempts to apply this with a bow pen were more frustration than success. No paint seemed to want to flow properly and after much wiping of blobby messes and swearing, I gave up. 

Nameplates are Slater's plastic letters stuck on a sheet of plastic with microstrip edges. 

Handles are bent wire. A sensible person would have filled the holes in the bonnet sides but by the time I realised, it was too late. 

Inside the cab, our driver is missing his toes as he has to squeeze in between the back wall and battery box. Control is either on or off with no reverse. Enough for running around an oval of track, but I'll need to address this one day. Perhaps the box can move under the chassis as that point too. 

Anyway, pretty enough. A long way from finecale, but this is a toy train, so pretty wins. 

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