Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Warehouse Wednesday: Visual Packing

Visual Packing factory

Driving to Ally Pally a few weeks ago, I was running early and decided to investigate a chimney I could see in the middle of some houses. What I found could be straight out of The Sweeny or The Professionals.

Visual Packing factory

Visual Packing is a small industrial building, parts of which must date from the end of the war. Or at least that's what I guessed looking at it in the early Sunday morning sunshine.

Visual Packing factory

Visual Packing factory

According to the web, the company manufactures polypropylene and cellophane bags and was formed in 1973.

Visual Packing factoryPacking 2


Chris Ford said...

I really like this. There's something about mid 20th century industrial units with the whitewashed brickwork and crittal windows along with the asbestos extras. Hard to get right on a model though.

Phil Parker said...

This was a real find. Full of character and a challenge to model, but inspirational all the same.