Monday, April 15, 2019

Red train running

Finished in time for the National Garden Railway show, the wooden train was a star. It ran, after a little weight was added in the nose, faultlessly for several hours. All on the same set of two AAA batteries that I'd put in it for testing.I'm pretty sure it would have worked all day on a fresh set - amazing economy!

I need to do one job. The on/off switch in the cab which is part of the battery box, is a pain to get at. While ideal for people scared of wiring, it's fiddly and I can never remember which side of the cab to poke my finger in. You don't get reverse either, so a proper DPDT switch needs fitting.

Apart from that, I think I'll probably leave well alone. This is a pretty train, not a realistic one so it can stay unweathered and with the limited detail already fitted. Maybe an exhaust pipe could go on somewhere but that will do the job.

I'll admit I am tempted by the goods train version one day - but for the moment, no more projects!


James Finister said...

Add some form of keyfob R/C and then not only don't you have to bend down, but you can let children at the show drive the train

Phil Parker said...

I've thought about this. Loath to spend more than the price of the train on RC as it's a fun model. I keep dabbling with cheap RC systems but no luck so far.

James Finister said...

No cheap gubbins from a toy you could cannibalise?