Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Warehouse Wednesday: Alison Street factory

Alison Street factory

Spotted on a wet day in Digbeth, just around the corner from the Police station, this factory is in Alsion Street. You can get a good look on Google Streetview

I know nothing about this place, but it would be a very modelable frontage. There are no awkward curves to deal with for a start. Those concrete window lintels could be set into some brick Plastikard. The windows are a job for scribing clear plastic and wiping paint accross. 

One mystery - why is the big slab in the wall unmarked?

I'd have expected something moulded into the surface, but it's blank. Easy to model though.


Duncan Young said...

It has a Bilteezi card kit feel to it! It is a good mundane prototype to model. Good post.

Duncan Young said...

It is a good mundane prototype to model and has the feel of an old Bilteezi kit!

Nick Wallace said...

Evening Phil This looks like the back of a printing works in the adjacent street. See their website for deatils. Your picture appears to show what was a separate factory which is now used by the printers.
I agree that it's a modelable building with a nice slightly rundown appearance.