Thursday, April 11, 2019

Making apples


How to make 1:12th scale apples, according to the workshop I attended. 

Take 2 parts yellow-green, one part orange and 1/2 part dark green Fimo clay and mix until there is only one shade. 

Roll into a sausage and chop up into little lumps (there was a bit of wood as a gauge, but I can't remember how big it was)

Roll these into balls. 

Poke a dimple in the top. 

Dimp a length of green stuff in glue, push this into the dimple and cut to length. 

Dab red dust from an artists pastel on the apple with a paintbrush. 

Fire for 45 minutes in an oven. 

It was all good fun. I was a bit quicker than most of the others around the table, partly because I have some practise at this modelmaking lark, but mostly because my hands were warm enough to quickly mix the colours. Some found the clay crumbled at first!

I also asked why they use the clay that has to be fired. Apparenlty, unlike the air-dry version, it doesn't shrink when dry. You can also leave and return to a piece as you like without worrying about it setting. 

Good fun for 20 minutes - I recomend having a go if you get the chance. 

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Andy from Workshopshed said...

Reminds me of the marzipan fruits we had at Christmas as kids, yum!