Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Modelling glasses

Last week, I spent quite a bit of time at the workbench for a magazine project. It made me realise just how often I change my glasses.

I have three pairs:
  • Normal everyday ones. 
  • "Reading" glasses for closeup work. It distresses me slightly to realise how often I need to wear these as I get older. 
  • An old pair to wear when spray painting. Any floating vapour can sit on their plastic lenses where if it etches the surface, I'm not so worried. If I bend them taking the mask on and off (yes, I know, take the glasses off first you idiot) then it's not the end of the world either. 

Is this normal? Plenty of people have reading glasses I suppose but does anyone else have a selection for other purposes? What about model engioneering types driving small steam locomotive and getting faces full of soot?


Anonymous said...

I count my magnifying visor as a pair of eye aids so there are those & yes I have an old pair for those jobs that might damage or dirty my new specs. The problem is that my arms are not long enough for focus with my really old spares.

Don' we all do that?

Anonymous said...

Uusually only ,one pair should use a pair for damage limitation stuff that needs mavnifying I usually just take my glasses off as I'm short sighted.

BR60103 said...

My dentist has glasses with binocular lenses in the middle. I bet they cost a bundle.

I have mismatched eyes due to surgery and my graded lenses don't aways match up on distance. I spend a lot of time with my readers or no glasses.

And the extra magnifiers don't agree with the graded lenses.

Stephen Driscoll said...

I have a normal day to day pair and a pair for computer/close up work.

Stephen Driscoll said...

I have a pair for close up/computer work and a day to day pair. Never thought about spraying!

Michael Campbell said...

Just the one pair, but increasingly I am taking them off for close work. I think I'm turning into my Dad!