Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The least posh of modelling materials

Yesterday I showed you my mock-up building for BRM's Runcorn Salt Works project, which prompted the comment "Better start hoarding cereal packets - something tells me that their days are numbered..."

I thought everyone already hoarded cereal packets? 

I've a stash of this useful cardboard stuck behind some drawers and every so often it has to be replenished because I've hacked through a few boxes for some project or other.

One thing I have found is that all cereal boxes are not the same. The big Kellogg's cornflake ones are especially handy. One was just big enough for my mockup building.

Big-name cereals seem to come in better boxes too. The Weetabix Crunchy Bran is delicious and housed in really top-quality cardboard. I'd happily use this for real modelling as it's especially stout.

Does anyone else have a favourite to be saved from the breakfast table?


Michael Key said...

Big Bonio dog biscuit cartons are great.

Andy in Germany said...

I have a bale stashed away too, but I also use milk cartons of the Tetra-Pak genre, as they are generally good quality and solid, and more to the point our family drinks milk like you wouldn't believe...

Colin Murdoch said...

For those modellers who have a dog - buy them a box of Bonio's. The dogs like them and the cardboard is very strong. Better than the average cereal box.

Colin Murdoch