Monday, February 03, 2020

Toy Fair 2020 fun

It was just a typical day for me, being attached by trolls...

I was on the annual trip to the London Toy Fair to report on exciting model railway matters. With Hornby, Bassett-Lowke, Bachmann and Oxford taking stands, there was certainly going to be plenty to see.

All this can be read in my official reports over on World of Railways:
 plus my favourite - 10 Train shaped things. 

Anyway, I spotted a few other goodies.

 This range of Hot Wheels cars are slot-together kits on friction drive chassis. Each will be sold in a "blind bag" so you don't know what you get until you buy it. Looks fun and a nice bit of construction for the buyer.

Playmobil haven't re-introduced the railway range (Boo) and the motorisable boats don't look to have been added to much either.

Although this rescue boat might just be big enough to get R/C in to.

The real stars though were on the Sixteen 12 Collectables stand.

Loads of Gerry Anderson models including a 3ft long Thunderbird 3 and lots and lots of Space 1999 Eagle Transporters. I want this beast of a model. 

 A 44-inch long model. Price £2,500. 100 made. All long since sold. And too far from the door for me to do a runner....


Huw Griffiths said...

Looks like that chap might be having a seriously "bad hair day" - and some of his "clothes" might have seen better days, too.

Yes - I reckon he'd fit right in at certain forum sites I've heard of (I won't say which ones) ... .

Joking aside, being approached by people in odd costumes (often when it's least wanted) seems to be an irritating "occupational hazard" of visiting some trade shows.

OK - I suspect that these people are probably even less keen on their outfits than I am. I also "get" the point that they've probably been given strict instructions to be as irritating as possible - get right in people's faces - and nag show visitors to within an inch of their lives - anything to hammer home the message that EVERYONE REALLY MUST VISIT THEIR COMPANY'S STAND.

Hmmm ... strangely enough, I don't take notice of "suggestions" that get rammed down my throat.

Well, actually, I go slightly further than this. If a company really irritates me with their advertising, I ask myself if I wish to do business with them again - ever.

It doesn't matter if I previously put a lot of business their way - or if I'd been planning to. Anyone who really knows me also knows that I've never been noted for caving in:

"Never underestimate the determination of a quiet man."

Well, I'm very quiet - and very determined.

Anyway, that's more than enough of the "Mr. Angry" routine.

To be honest, I wouldn't be too bothered by the person in a troll outfit - especially since I suspect it's effectively a company's mascot - show visitors were probably expecting to see that (and might have felt cheated if they didn't). However, clowns, stiltwalkers and the like, with no obvious connection to the brand they're there to promote, are a different matter (especially if they block gangways).

I hope you enjoyed the show. I also hope some of the decent stuff you saw there makes it into the shops - and that at least some people can afford it.

matt scrutton said...

Regarding Thunderbird 3, to quote Philip J Fry, "shut up and take my money!"