Sunday, February 09, 2020

Stafford 2020

Canalside Ironworks loco

Stafford show dawned bright and clear. No snow on the ground this year. Arriving on the first vintage bus from the station, I munched a sausage sandwich before opening in preference to standing around in the queue.

I had a shopping list to fulfil so after a very successful trip tot he second-hand stall (more of that in the future) I did my best to stock up for future work projects. There was no problem there, the trade is excellent.

Shopping finished, I'd taken in a few layouts but after lunch decided to wander over to the engineering society railway in the corner of the site for a bit of fresh air.

Scratchbuilt French military train

The smell of a working 7 1/4 steam loco is wonderful, but the sight of a 16mm scale, scratchbuilt French military loco and train even better. I had a chat to the builder and am hoping to get something on his work for future issues of Garden Rail.

Back in with the small stuff, I pointed the camera through the crowds to snap a few layouts. I'm pleased to say that the place was busy even at 3:30 when I left.


Huw Griffiths said...

That military "critter" looks interesting.

OK - I'll probably never see drawings anywhere - but a smaller scale version could make a very enjoyable scratch build project.

Wait a moment - scratch that last thought. Apparently, I need to keep reminding myself that I "don't" need any more build projects right now.

Whatever ... .

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy th 3mm layouts there and did they inspire you
Richard Preece

James Finister said...

Huw, I suspect Voie Etroite might have published drawings