Sunday, June 06, 2021

Return to Selly Oak


After a couple of months break, Selly Oak is back on the workbench. 

The first job is to write a to-do list. The project have become bogged down, but I need to finished it and the best way I think to make this happen is a checklist so I feel there is progress to keep my enthusiasm up. 

Off the top of my head:

  • Finish pavements
  • Install bus stops
  • Fill the gap in the bridge sides
  • Lay some track
  • Add a pipe bridge to cover the ugly joint in the canal
  • Adverts under the bridge
  • More scruffy green stuff along the front edge
  • Sign for the station

That will do for the minute, I'll add to it as I go along.


Woz said...

G'day Phil,

You said "Add a pipe bridge to cover the ugly joint in the canal".
Here's a way to make those ugly module joints disappear.

Glue some soft foam that crushes easily (up to 10mm thick) to 1 end of a module, use Glad Wrap (clear plastic film you cover food with to put in the fridge) to wrap the opposing joining module, bolt them together & let it dry.
Tip: NO glue above scenery level with modules bolted together.
Once dry separate modules & remove the Glad Wrap them bolt them back together.
Now trim/prune the soft foam to suit your ground level then add scenery, WELLAH.

You can do this to an existing scenicd model railway.
You can also use it as a hedge between modules etc.

Cheers Woz
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Phil Parker said...

Neat trick Woz, and one I'll probably nick in the future, but it won't work on water. The joint isn't bad, but I'd like to hide it more and there is a pipe bridge on the prototype a bit further down the canal.

Oh, and when I was last in the office, what did I spy? A pipe bridge kit that fitted into my rucksack very nicely...

Woz said...

G'day Phil,

It wasn't my idea of which I've had for over a decade.

Also if you offset the rail joins, the NSWGR (New South Wales Government Railways) spaced theirs at 4 sleepers apart (very convenient).
You'll need to run end boards during transportation of which you can develop into an enclosure for the Display Module's.

Cheers Woz