Saturday, July 28, 2007


Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
I think this is ingenious, even though I say so myself.

Because the aerial on this boat is too tall for the box when the model is packed away, it needs to be removable. However I don’t want it falling off on the water so I also needs to be firmly attached.

So I took the whitemetal base and tapped the bottom for an 8BA bolt. Then I fitted the brass aerial in the top.

A nut was soldering into a large brass washer and expoxied under a small hole in the wheelhouse roof. Once dry the aerial can be screwed into this with fingers so it’s easy to attach or remove.

Simple huh ?

OK, so the first time I superglued the nut under the roof and when I tested things glued the whole lot up solid leading to lots of swearing and careful fiddling, but now I’ve finished the results look good.

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