Wednesday, July 11, 2007


muji tube
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Storage of the various bits we modellers need can be challenging. Traditionalists rely on tobacco boxes and indeed many a shed contains a fine stash of these. No-one in our family since my Granddad smoked roll-ups but we’ve got a fine selection in the garage.

These are too short for some things though. A point in case being fretsaw blades – too long for most boxes but too fine even in quantity to fill a decent sized container.

I used to use a plastic toothbrush container but after a lot of years in the drawer this had finally given up the ghost. Suggestions on various e-mail lists ranged around Bill Clinton’s favourite toy, the cigar tube. Since I don’t smoke the chances of finding something suitable were limited.

A trip into Muji last week supplied me with just the thing. An aluminium pencil case. Achingly trendy and not a hint of tobacco in sight.

I might need to look at the supply of tobacco tins though.

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