Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Body beautiful

body beautiful
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Sometimes you just can’t get what you want no matter how had you look. I’ve never been able to track down any transfers for WD locomotives so I have to do something I hate – hand paint the stuff on the side of the cab.

I’m no signwriter unfortunately so I just keep bodging at the numbers and arrow with little brushes to get something that is passable. This loco is to be delivered with an ex-works finish too, so there isn’t even any chance of hiding my handywork under a layer of muck.

On boats I can print names and graphics using my printer and the Supercal system but the one colour this can’t do is white. I am pleased with the text colour though. It’s a mix of white and 147 pale grey which looks like white but isn’t so glaring.

Once this was done I blasted the whole body with satin varnish. Using cellulose thinners again worked OK so I guess this will become part of my standard method now.

Now all I need is the crank axle and I can finish this beast.

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