Sunday, July 08, 2007

HO Barclay - done

HO Barclay
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Another completed project – this is turning out to be a good weekend !

The Barclay is ready to go – everything works and looks fine. I don’t normally finish models in ex-works livery but this one certainly looks very smart like this.

The buffers are particularly nice, previous models have had whitemetal ones whereas these are Gibson. The steel heads are just the right colour, hardly suprising as they are just the right material, and with the clean paintwork look spot on.

This Barclay is a funny little loco. A diesel with a chimney like a steam engine (I know it’s for weight distribution but it still seems odd to me…). It’s cute though, a feeling lots of people share judging by the number of kits that have been sold. I just hope no-one spots this and brings out a RTR version !

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