Sunday, July 01, 2007

Size matters sometimes

crank axle
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
There I am gamely making swift progress with the Barclay when I hit a show-stopping snag.

At the back of the chassis is a crank axle. On the model this whirls round and looks pretty but otherwise doesn’t do anything, except in this case – it gets in the way. Thanks to the slightly oversize flanges on model wheels and the reduction the fret has had from 4 to 3.5mm scale, the clanks overlap the flanges a fraction. This is less than a millimetre so it isn’t normally a problem. You just make sure that the cranks are in front of the flanges.

Easy enough if you have an EM gauge axle. Thanks to a packing error, I have a OO (or HO) one which just put the cranks in the wrong place.

A new axle is winging its way to me once the Post Office has gone back to work and everything will be fine.

Pity about this as I’d make a nice job of the cranks. They’ve been soldered with the RSU so there is little mess. I even tapped the crank pins with so they screw in rather than just drilling a suitable hole and soldering them in. That’s as close as I get to proper engineering.

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