Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Small fishing boat

Small fishing boat
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Since taking up boat modelling I’m always on the lookout for attractive prototypes to build. This isn’t that easy when you live as far away from water as it’s possible to get in the UK. However my trip to the Isle of Man gave me a more fruitful hunting ground.

The vessel was spotted in Ramsey harbour - a simple fishing boat that doesn’t look to be too long (anyone want to hazard a guess on the length ?) or covered in fiddly bits. It’s not dissimilar to George Turner’s footie fishing boat in many ways.

Since the boat is sitting on the mud you get a good view of the hull and rudder. An interesting detail is the pair of legs to hold the boat upright when it is sitting on dry land. The colour scheme is also nice and clear. Not sure if the bottom is meant to be mud coloured, or if’ it’s just ended up like this though.

If anyone fancies having a go at this boat, I’ve a couple more pictures showing the front and back more clearly so send me an e-mail. To be honest I have far more kits in the building queue than I know what to do with so it will be a looooong time before I get to this one, if ever.

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