Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finishing touches

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At present my plan is to finish as many of the projects I have kicking around as I can before being tempted to dig out anything new. I’ve said this before though so we’ll see how long it lasts.

Anyway – next on the list for finishing off is Pigeon Pie, my 1:12 tug-yacht. While it has been sailing for some time there are a few bits and pieces to do before I can say it’s truly finished. Nothing to difficult I hope, just paint stuff and stick it on.

Most of the work is around or on top of the wheelhouse, except for these rings. Apparently they are attached to the side of the boat and I assume, have tyres tied to them to act as fenders. These parts never show up in photos of tugs so I am relying on the supplier (Metcalf Mouldings) to get this right.

The castings were pretty clean and so I drilled holes in my painting wood for the spigot on each. Then splashing a coat of paint over the whole lot was a piece of cake. Much better than trying to do the job with the bits stuck to the model while avoiding surrounding paintwork.

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