Friday, April 08, 2011

Bumper crop in May's Hornby Magazine

You will pleased (or not but I am and it's my blog) to spot a bumper crop of Parker articles in the May 2011 Hornby Magazine. No less than 12 pages this time. WooHoo !

First up, we have a new series of £20 projects. The idea is that you take your loco plus a couple of crisp tenners and personalise it. This time I've had a go at a J94 adding one of those Giesel chimneys, buffer beams and other stuff including a whole lot of dirt. Because I didn't read the instructions properly, I went wrong so this is the story of how I bodged it right.

In The Clinic, a cherubic faced Phil answers some of your modelling questions including stuff about H&M Controllers, Z5's and brickwork.

Finally, this month's Parkers Guide is one I'm really proud of. A pair of heavily modified Hornby Skaledale buildings. When I say heavily modified, I mean with the aid of a big saw from the DIY shop. The models didn't know what hit them and hopefully I've shown that no matter how good a resin building is, it can still be treated as raw materials for a unique model you can be proud of.

This last one is probably my favourite project ever for the mag. I am really, really pleased with the results.

Parker & Wild Builders

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Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

Nice one Mr Phil, will keep an eye out for it with the J94 being of particular interest ay the moment.