Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Exercise for model makers

Peddling fretsaw man

Right you lot, it has come to my attention that some of you are looking a bit, how shall we say, tubby. No a touch pudgy. No, still not right. I know - you are a bunch of monumental lard arses.

We can't be having this so in future, all powered modelling tools will be banned. Instead you will have to power them all yourself. As an example I present the new eco-friendly and healthy cycle powered fretsaw. As you can see, the principle is simple enough - man turns pedals which works saw blade allowing him to cut through thin sections of wood. Effective and good for you. By the time you have created 300 feet of Highland Railway station valancing you will have worn off nearly three Mars Bars worth of chubbiness.

Next we will be adapting the same tool to produce a pillar drill suitable for locomotive sideframes. Finally the foot powered lathe. Build yourself a 5 inch gauge locomotive using this and not only will you be at your idea wight, you'll have thighs that will see you an easy winner of the London 2012 Olympic cycling.

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robert said...

and think of the money you could save on electricity!